Monday, May 05, 2008

It had "Don't Panic" written in large, friendly letters on the cover.

Wordcount: 1,435
Wordcount I SHOULD be at: technically 8,333, but since we have 31 days I could get away with being at 6,667.
Scenes: 2!
Characters introduced: 2 main, 1 minor who hopefully I will never see again, hahaha.
Good quotes: zero.
Music: Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack and Mozart. :P Neither seems to be helping.

I officially love Ramy. I can't decide about Tara. And I'm excited to meet Blackburn. :D
Something mildly interesting: a lot of history and random references are making it into this story. I mean, fictional history for my world(s). It's kinda strange. So far we've had "temporas" (objects that have something to do with time and world-travelers like to have them...that's all I know so far), the "Dagand Fiasco", and various other worlds that I have no idea what their significance is.

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Ken said...

Whee! I actually have more words than Stephanie!
Well, five hundred more. *is ashamed* And she can make it up easier than I. Oh, fyi, btw, jsyk, I have decided to use the old challenges from february in my story, cause I never did one like I said I would. *is more ashamed* I've been listening to Classic Rock and Evanescence and Weird Al. I am betting on your chances as opposed to mine.