Thursday, May 08, 2008

"Hey guys, you know what a really good book is?" "SOKKA'S INSTINCT! Wait."

Well Tara now has her leet gear. I had to go back and write her getting it because I forgot. *shy* But she has it now and all is well. Have I mentioned that the agency has a completely dumb@$$ name???? It does. "It's not scary, and I'm embarrassed to say it." It also has a horrible acronym. Basically I need an entirely different name, but considering my average level of inspiration for this project, it's a miracle it even has a name besides "the agency."
Wait. Maybe that's a good idea....
Speaking of names, the director of "the agency" needs a name-rewrite as well. *facepalm* I took the "streets I know in Ottawa" theme a little too far.....
I realized Blackburn looks exactly like Tony Stark. I haven't actually WRITTEN his facial description, but he does in my head. Weird. Especially because their personalities are POLAR OPPOSITES!!! *le sigh*
I have almost 3k written, and my goal is to have 6k by the end of today. It's time to do some catching up, ladies and gentlemen. My plan for doing that is incorporating all of the dares so far issued. *nods* And I want to get my Team at least as far as Kiffon, story-wise.

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