Friday, May 09, 2008

"What can I say? I'm a talented individual."

I think I did fairly well on my attempts at all my goals yesterday. They DID get to Kiffon, but only just. I got to 5500 (not 6k) and incorporated several dares. All of them but one, actually: the shiny jewel of doom. Since Ken's Indy Jones comment about that one, I can't think of anything I can use a jewel for besides some washed-up Indy plot. :P Dang it. Plus I can't get my inner editor to write something as cliched as a powerful magical jewel. *kicks inner editor in the pants* Ah, refreshing.
I also managed to put my MCs in peril, which was severely lacking. I'm pretty revved for today, cuz...well yeah, I kinda made myself stop at a cliffhanger yesterday, which was an excellent idea.
So I have this pad of paper on my desk, and whenever I had a thought about future events of the story or plot points or character points, I would give a loud cry of EUREKA (Actually not, because that's a dumb word....more like a loud cry of "YAAAY GOOD IDEA!") and grab the paper and jot it down. I now have like seven of these papers covered all over in tiny writing.
That's all for now, I'll probably be back later. My goal for today: break 8k.

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