Sunday, November 30, 2008

Madness? THIS IS NANO!

Congrats to all my fellow winners!
Snazel/Jasmine, you outshone us all. ;) I'm happy you're alive.
Clownman/Ben, though I don't know you really at all, I'm impressed by your feat. :D I wasn't sure what to expect from you.
Kokotankuu/Christina, you rocked my socks off today. Freaking amazing.
PCB/Zack, I KNOW you'll be joining us in mere hours. :D
Kendra/Kendra, same for you, young lady! Don't give up!!!

As for all my characters....
Will: You rock. I'm sorry I wasn't able to show how much.
Chad: Thank you for becoming a killer for me.
Alice: Thank you for taking care of Chad.
Dane: You rock as well. I'm a fan of your last fight.
Marly: You're too nice. That's all I have to say. I would rip his throat out, personally. There's still time, girlfriend.
Fenwick: *waves from a distance* I'm sorry. From over here.
Callen: I'm sorry. You're hot?
Ravva: I'm sorry that you didn't get much screen time. But I'm pleased with the time you DID get, and I know in the rewrite you will pwn more faces.
Carth: I'm sorry.
Agmin: *hugs* I'm SO sorry you didn't get to pwn faces!!! I'll make it up to you. Also give you more screen time.


Snazel said...

Yay Bahnree!

*blushes* Though really, you got more words than I did. So you're the shiny one. :D And alive might be too strong a term. Have you SEEN the facebook drama? *cough*

And you are incredible, lovie.

ALR said...

Congratulations on finishing your novel and winning Nanowrimo!

Bahnree said...

Jas: I never did find this "Facebook drama" you referred to.

ALR: Thanks! :D Congrats to you as well!

Snazel said...

Your novel rocks my socks.