Monday, August 16, 2010

BBB Read-a-thon Wrap-up

So it was a lot harder to read in the car than I thought. I forgot we were not going on an interstate but an older highway, so windy, narrow road+reading=sick Bahnree. I just would read a few pages, then have to take a break, read a few more, etc.
But I still managed to make progress on the Conqueror's Trilogy, even if I didn't get it finished or anything else read. Let me tell you, catching up on blogs last night and today was really awesome but also really depressing...everyone read SO MANY BOOKS. :D Good job!
Conqueror's Pride: 389 pages
Conqueror's Heritage: 342 pages

Total weekend:
1094 pages read (the above plus Knife of Dreams)
3 books finished
10 bottles of water consumed

Thank you to Monica for hosting, and to everyone else for participating! I had a lot of fun following blogs and seeing all the TBR lists go down. :D

I will probably post mini-reviews for the books I read this weekend a little later today, so if you're interested, stay tuned. ;)


Snazel said...

Hey, you didn't work through small books! We actually make it to about the same number of pages. :P And I think Zahn has smaller print than Nice and Mean. :D

YAY for pressing on despite car-sickness!

Brooke Reviews said...

lol 10 bottles of water? I probably drank 10 cans of diet coke :P

Great job! I had a lot of fun, and am happy to be following you now!