Saturday, August 28, 2010

From Dusk Till Dawn: Update 4

So after finishing Dragon And Thief I was kinda thinking that was my ROCK-AWESOME book for this readathon. WRONG. I'm almost halfway through And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander and it is delicious. Victorian England, mystery, witty and courageous FMC, romance, feminists (yes I enjoy these in fiction...they can be scarier IRL) and hot guys.
This book is kinda random because I read a review of it last week, the review made me want to read it REAL bad, and so I got it from the library ASAP and am now reading it. Why can't I do this for the books on my TBR pile? Which I AM excited about and yet never seem to read? Gah.
Random fact: My dad saw me devouring AOTD so he picked it up, read the jacket flap, said it sounded "fascinating" and is currently stealing it. :( So I might not get more read tonight. This is serious business, dad!
Also, here's the review I read that made me want to read it: The Allure of Books

Page count for this readathon so far:
475 pages (2 3/4 books)
2 manga
4 bags of popcorn
many gummi bears
3 root beers
2 cups of coffee


Snazel said...

Hm. I think we no longer have exactly the same taste in books. But I'm glad you enjoyed it?

Bahnree said...

Hm. Well okay. I still think you would love the Train Your Dragon books. AND this one. AND Dragon and Thief. XD

Snazel said...

Heheheheh. Quite possibly. POSSIBLY. *nods* I will TRUST you.

But we are not both Henry James fangirls.

Bahnree said...

But we ARE both Timothy Zahn fangirls. Right? Riiiiight? The TZ love is still alive?

I need to post about Henry James and Cornelia Funke. Because I got a theory ("it could be bunnies!").