Sunday, August 01, 2010

Read-a-thon Update 2

I finished The Historian! Win! I actually started it in's kinda sad. But I took a big break in July to read a bunch of other stuff, so...yeah. No, there's really no excuse. Sigh.
But it was good! *cue mini-review* It's a lot of libraries, history, research, etc, + vampires, + travelogue, so it's not for everyone, but I liked the writing style in much the same way I like the Inkheart series: dense, and not always good for pacing, but I just kinda heart it.
The pacing suffered a lot every once in a while, mostly because there are three plotlines going on: one in the 1930s, one in the 1950s, and one in the 1970s. I enjoyed the 1950s one the most, which is by far the longest. I also did not believe in one of the relationships at all...I DID at first, but then it was just totally pulled off all in two seconds and I was like...ok...that would not even happen. But maybe I am clueless. Anyway. Another relationship I was like "Oh man stupid man" but I was okay with it, and the other relationship I just heart. ^_^
Plus...VAMPIRES! The awesome evil BAMF kind (almost literally, hahahaha) not the sparkly kind.

Readathon so far:
Geek's Guide-finished: 87 pages
The Historian-finished: a bit over 300 pages


Snazel said...

YAY for finishing! *confetti*

And did the historian get more exciting at all? Or was it kinda at the same pace the whole way through?

Bahnree said...

It was the same pace all the way through, which was "slow-slow-slow-OMG FREAKY OMG-slow-slow-slow-OMGGGGGG-*hysterical laughter*-slow."

Snazel said...