Monday, August 23, 2010

Mockingjay Countdown Event Challenges

The Event over at Smitten With Books is quite jolly fun! I thought I would post the challenges I've entered so far here, along with my answers.

Since there is some news for a The Hunger Games movie-I want you to tell me what actress you would cast for the part of Katniss. And then you need to explain why.
Teresa Palmer. She has a spark that I think Katniss needs, and physically is similar to Katniss except for her hair, which could be changed. She also doesn't fall into the extremely boring personality pitfall, which several young actresses seem to have had problems with (like Kristen Stewart and Alexandra Daddario), but could still pull off Katniss more serious' moods and more girly on-tv moods.

For this third mini challenge, I want you to comment and tell me below if you are either: Team Peeta or Team Gale. And then I want you to explain why.
Team Peeta! I think he is way better for Katniss, as he's calm and big-picture oriented to her more fiery and "what's in front of me" personality. Gale is too much like Katniss, and has too much of a temper to really work well with her, I think. Plus, I just love Peeta to death. ^_^ The way he works the media to his advantage is delicious, as are his baked goods.

For this fourth mini challenge, I want you to tell me which of the The Hunger Games or Catching Fire characters you are most like. They can either be main characters or characters that are rarely in the book. And then I want you to explain why they are like you.
I think I'm a lot like Gale (female!Gale, lol), actually, when I think about it. Practical, but I can also be very impulsive and I definitely have a temper, and I take care of my family.

For this fifth and last mini challenge of the day, I want you guys to pick one song that most sums up, either The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins or Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. Make sure you tell me the name of the song, the singer or band, and which book it sums up below in a comment.
"We Are" by Ana Johnsson
I think it could sum up either book, but probably Catching Fire more so.
It's kinda from the POV of the contestants, like Katniss and the older ones who are making an alliance to get out of the Quell, and also from the POV of the rebels, telling the Capitol how evil and despotic and bloody they are.

For this first challenge of the day, I want you to pick one actor who you think would be perfect for the role of Gale if there is to be a movie of The Hunger Games book. And then I want you to explain why.
Garrett Hedlund. I've seen him be fiery, charming, hilarious, and achingly sad, plus he's gorgeous and looks like Gale to me.

For this second challenge, I want you guys to chose one animal that would best represent Katniss and explain why you chose that animal for her.
Horse: strong, brave, loyal, and can be helpful in battle or in domestic life. ;)

There are always book covers that are similar to another books, or remind you of another book. So for this challenge, I want you guys to choose a book that has a cover that is either very similar to or reminds you of one of these three books: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, or Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. You need to list the name of the book, the author, which book cover it looks like or reminds you of (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, or Mockingjay), and why it reminds you or looks like the books.
The cover of "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner. W/o reading the book it reminded me of Hunger Games, because the arenas for the hunger games are very like mazes that you have to figure out to survive, and also the image of trees is like the two arenas we've mostly seen, in Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

Since you have already chosen which actor/actress would be played for Katniss, and Gale, I want you to tell me which actor you would like to play Peeta in The Hunger Games movie and then you need to explain why you chose that actor.
Max Thieriot. He looks physically like how I picture Peeta, and he has the wide-eyed, innocent "Why don't you love me" look down pat. ;)

For the fifth and last challenge of the day (Day 2)-I would like you to tell me if you like the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer or The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins better. This is one of those questions that people have different opinions on, so it will be interesting to see which one you like better. I also want you to explain why you like one series better than the other.
The Hunger Games! I don't like the Twilight series at all; I don't find the romance believable and I hate Bella Swann as a character. I have issues with Katness but I still like her way better, and the love triangle is also more believable considering the dystopian world. I also like Hunger Games better because of the world difference, period. I'm way more interested in dystopias than vampires and werewolves, sparkly or not.


Snazel said...

Oooo, intelligent answers! You're so clever. And I need you to cast everything for me now. *nods*

And, yes. It was lovely. I'm glad you are steadfast in your twilight hate. :D

Bahnree said...

Yeah, I would kill to see a movie with Max AND Garrett AND Teresa in it. Just saying.

Steadfast is my middle name. ;)

Kemendraugh said...

*still rejects your horse* ;)

haha, and I was Team gale too, because I like Peeta more than Katniss. Now I feel bad. You were actually looking out for her!