Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hi. having problems. I am rapidly losing inspiration for my Nano idea, which I have still not planned out completely. I DID go to the coast today and was a little rejuvinated by seeing a mossa under every tree. I'm still excited about my mossa character, who has at last been named Agmin. He'll be great. OH Chester has been renamed Cheron, and Fenwick is a completely different character. I forgot to say whatever point that happened.
I have a copy printed of HHNF, and I've done a lot of research, so I'm kinda prepared to dive back into editing that. The Stranger will go on a hiatus next month. :( Sowies. I wish I could've gotten myself to write ahead enough. Alas.


Pine Cone Boy said...

I keep thinking vaguely that I should get a handle on my plot sometime, but I probly never will. I'll just go with it.

Kendra said...

Be strong! May the Coast be with you! and I love your names. Cheron is sweet, but Fenwick = love.
I'm heartbroken over the Stranger, but I understand. I shall await his return patiently. Unless it carries over into, you know, January. Then I'll be impatient.

Bahnree said...

@ Zack: Winging it is fun sometimes, but I do not feel secure about doing that this year. :)

@ Kendra: May the Coast be with me?? lol that's a new one.
Fenwick, I learned, is actually a place, so I'm feeling insecure about his name now. Oh well. Also, can he have purple eyes, or is that horrible cliche? Jasmine said I should give him some sort of disease....