Sunday, October 19, 2008


So I love how I didn't work on any of my writing projects during the summer (except the Stranger, a little, in July) but now that school has started I'm working on no less than three, simultaneously: Hell Hath No Furies (editing second draft), Nano 08 (planning and prewriting) and The Stranger.
I still need to finish my Nano outline but I finished the rest of the researching I needed to do for it today. So I'm plunging headlong into the second draft. It's scary in there. O.o
I've got ep. 8 for the Stranger done, which is good, as I posted 7 on Friday. I'm partway through 9. But I'm scared that I'm going to get really stuck soon cuz this whole Atlantean story arc is kinda tricky and messy and lots of things will be different.
Nano 08 planning is really turning nasty. I need to sit down for a couple hours and force myself to bash out the rest of the outline. Maybe if I told it aloud, like I was telling a story, that would work. Hm. Hmmm.

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ALR said...

You and me both. I really need to outline my story, too. I keep telling myself that I need to, that I WILL, but then my daughter wakes up from a nap or wants my attention, or a million other things happen. I have a nasty feeling I might be going into Nano this year almost blind. *shudder*