Monday, October 27, 2008

The Mossinae (made up species from Nano novel)

The Moss-men are sentient creatures living most in the woods and sometimes the swamps. They look like humans only covered with moss and with green skin. The moss is short and fine like hair on their faces, necks, hands, under their arms, and between their legs. The moss is thicker and more tangled (like real moss) everywhere else, in particular on top of their heads and down their back like a mane, and on the front of their torso. Their eyes are various shades of green, with no whites. Females are slimmer and more graceful than males, but otherwise they look the same. They're herbivores. They're very shy of humans, but some of them are very comfortable in cities. In cities, they act as interpreters for their kind, as well as traders. They only wear clohes when around humans.

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