Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tonight's Big Question

"You're missing the Big Question."
"What's the Big Question?"
"Will you get a drink with me?"
-Billy and Sally, "Blink", Doctor Who

No, actually, the Big Question is:
Should the world in my Nanovel be called "Evo" or "Altera"? I like Altera better but it reminds me of a LOT of other worlds, especially Terra, the be-all end-all name for Earth, everywhere. "Terra" is Latin, btw, for "earth."

But speaking of names of things, my Nanovel is called "Wyrd." No, it's not a respelling of "weird." No, I did not rip that off from Christopher Paolini's Ancient Language. And no, it definitely does NOT mean "magic (an annoying definition of the word which I have seen popping up more and more frequently)."
"Wyrd" is an Anglo-Saxon word for "fate" and fate is a big theme in the novel. Plus I love dead languages. :D

I said I'd post my full synopsis here when I wrote it, so here ya go (I use Evo here but whatever):
What is fate? What is destiny?
Five teenagers are about to find out, as they are launched from present-day of our world to another world entirely.
It is called Evo. The king has just died. Crops are failing. The weather and the animals are acting bizarre and dangerous. The mossinae say the earth trembles, and the Changers say their powers are becoming unpredictable. Most important, the Seers say the teens’ presence is what is causing Evo to unravel, because their wyrds (fates), do not belong there. But how did the teenagers come there, and why?
Finding themselves unwelcome by almost all of the inhabitants of Evo, Dane, Malory, Will, Chad, and Alice not only have to learn how to survive, but also discover just what their fate is, in time to keep both worlds from ripping themselves apart…

So yeah, comment with your preference: Evo or Altera?


Kendra said...

I would never ever accuse you of ripping off Christopher P. Friends don't do that to friends. Personally, if you name it Evo, I'll think you're naming it after your niece :P I like Altera too, but if you're worried about it sounding too much like Terra (which I don't think it does, but you might)Evo is good too. Now, is it EEv-oh, or Ehv-oh. Or is it an ah sound at the end?
Darn it! I was gonna use the name Dane. Oh well, he was only a secondary character. I'll find a new shiny name ^_^

Bahnree said...

It's pronounced "EE-voh"

We could fight over it, cuz I'm not sold on naming him Dane, particularly.

Snazel said...

Just my first reaction- "Altera? Isn't that a lot like alternate?" So if that's what you're going for, Altera works. :D Evo is a bit more obscure, at least to my subconscious.

Btw, you know what we could do? We could all have a Dane, and then compare them when distraction is needed. :D Cause Dane is a good name.

Bahnree said...

Actually it's a lot like "alter" (or "to change") but you're close. Pronounced ALL-terr-uh.

Dave King said...

What about Heev-o? Just joking.