Friday, October 03, 2008

"Hates you with the fires of a thousand suns. And that's a direct quote."

I put up more DAMDL reports (YES! I actually did what I said I'd do, and immediately! :P) as well as the next Stranger episode (ep. 5). Enjoy.

I also made a fanfiction LJ account, because I hate hate HATE FanFiction.Net. So. Much.
Anyway the link is here. Calamity's Child will probably end up on there soon.
Included in the LJ's first post is my "FanFiction Statement of Faith" which I'll put on here for you:
I believe Good Fanfiction should:
1. Be well-written, without (for the most part) spelling and grammar errors, and possess good mechanics.
2. Keep consistent to the world and characters of the fandom, unless it is AU (Alternate Universe).
3. Be interesting and, if not unique, have a special twist or different facet/perspective on a character, plot, or other aspect of the fandom.
4. Be entertaining! :)


ALR said...

I love the movie reference! That's one of my favorite movies.

Pine Cone Boy said...

"A deleteheads fan FICTION, because I have plenty of time to say both syllables."

Good rules. And I say that as one who doesn't enjoy fan fiction as a rule.