Wednesday, October 01, 2008

towers they may crumble, dreams may not come true

Soooo the Stranger contest didn't work out too well. Despite having a large-ish show of interest, I ended up getting only one entry. ;) The one entry was by my excellent friend, Snazel. The story is up on her deviantART. :D Go give her some love, it's a fun story. I'm going to try and give her an honorary sort of prize. Just not sure what. As for the contest, perhaps I'll try doing it again sometime. Or not.

In other news, two of the characters in my Nano 08 novel are IN MY MATH CLASS! It's a truuuue story. Really freaky, actually. I have a set of twins in my novel that are princes, actually, and their father has just died so no one really knows who the heir is. Something like that. Anyway they're only like tier-3 characters, but the guys in my math class look JUST like them! Crazy.

Ok must go work now.


ALR said...

Isn't it weird when your characters seem to come to life and go walking around outside your head like that? I'm always tempted to run up and say, "Hey, get back in my head, you naughty characters!" but I have to suppress that, obviously, or they'd haul me off the looney bin.

ALR said...

P.S. I would liked to have entered your contest, but I discovered your blog too late, and I'm busy frantically editing a story for another contest, anyway. Maybe next time?

Bahnree said...

Yeah! lol bad characters!

Well thanks for the thought. ;) I'll try it again maybe sometime after Nano.