Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nano '10: 35k, I am coming for you

Day 18 WC: 29,020
Day 19 WC: 30697
Day 20 WC: 32872

*points at wordcount*
I totally rocked today. There was only like six people at the write-in, it was kinda shocking. Usually the Papa's Pizza ones are well-attended, if only because we all like pizza. ^_^
It's been hard going, lately. I do not understand people who say Week Two sucks and Week Three rocks. Week Two is like a mild annoyance....Week Three is when I want to slit my wrists. Today was a BIT better; once I got started I wrote a lovely scene with Persephone that made me quite happy. But overall it's even harder to get the words out than before. Week Four now plax?

I am getting REALLY excited about December and getting back into reading. The only thing I've managed to read this month, besides school novels, is Plain Kate by Erin Bow. BEAUTIFUL book, btw, but I will post a full review in December.


Snazel said...

Oooo, So I should read Plain Kate? *makes a mark on list*


Bahnree said...

YES. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind reading magic. I gave it 5/5.

TY. :) I am a bit behind though.