Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nano '10: Flying Daggers and Handwrites

Day 9 WC: 15018
Day 10 WC: 15018
Day 11 WC: 17959

I have no explanation for Day 10, except that I was gone all day, then had a paper and 100 pages to read before the next day, and THEN my house was invaded by friends (invited by my bro) who are awesome so I had to hang out with them and watch Toy Story 3, as one does. I still didn't get to bed before midnight, and had to get up at 6 the next day. I have been soooo sleep-deprived this week, it's hilarious.
Today I've written 3k so far. Because I rock. I was writing in my classes all morning, and then during my break because I FINALLY didn't have any urgent hw, and then had to type it all up when I got home...ugh. But I watched House of Flying Daggers while doing so, which was sufficiently mind-blowing and mind-numbing.

ANYWAY, some of the scenes I've written this week have been very interesting! Ektor got a flashback, well, a history lesson more like; Dionysus and Ariadne's kid finally got the POV I promised him (it was hard and 1200 words long....ugghhh.); Dionysus' commander Saulos is made of epic win and prettiness; and I just started teh epic fight between Dionysus and Perseus, which hopefully will eat up a lot of words.

"Time for Miracles" by Glambert has been the song today. I have no defense for this.


Pine Cone Boy said...

Let me be the first to say that you are balancing Nano and the rest of life way better than I am at present. I missed two classes this past week due to lack of sleep (apparently a much more insurmountable barrier than I previously suspected), which in turn was caused by, well, duh. And I have an uncomfortably large pile of backlogged homework on which to catch up this weekend. :P

But I'll manage. You are an inspiration. Please continue to be excellent. :D

Snazel said...

Should I look up Time For Miracles?

And all those scenes sound awesome.

Um, GJ? I should blog, shouldn't I?

Bahnree said...

PCB: *inspires* *in a platonic way* Yeah I have too much of a Nerdy Fear of missing classes/homework....I did skip a class on Friday though.

Snaz: I dunno, I hated the song at first, but it kept coming up on my playlist (cuz I got the CD) and I now like it. It has little fiddly bits in the middle that make me happy. I...don't know how to explain fiddly bits. Hum.

I STILL haven't finished Perseus vs Dionysus...I keep adding like 20 words to it every time I write, and then writing other scenes. WEIRD.