Saturday, November 06, 2010

Nano '10: Guy Fawkes and Placebo

I think my motto for this year's motto is: "It is a far, far worse novel that I write, than I have ever written. It is a far, far more skilled place I go to, than I have ever known."*
That is to say, this novel was a horrible idea, and I'm sorta making it work, but mostly I just keep telling myself that it's very good writing practice. :D And I need writing practice, seeing as I've barely been writing fiction this year at all.

Day 4 WC: 6711 (up from 5011)
Day 5 WC: 8342

Dares completed: 3 (Owl City song ref, Guy Fawkes: set something on fire, and "England Shall Prevail" line)
I think I'm going to be relying heavily on dares today because my plot is still finding its legs. Newborn colt and all that.

Some more soundtrack songs:
"Running Up That Hill" by Placebo
"Infrared" by Placebo
"May I" by Trading Yesterday

*My apologies to Charles Dickens. You rock, Charlie.


Snazel said...

I have never heard of this "Placebo." SHOULD I?

Pine Cone Boy said...

I would like to take this moment to point out, for posterity's sake, that the precise phrase included in my dare was actually "England prevails." Present tense. I feel I must insist on this seemingly insignificant difference being noted so as to not incur the Wrath of Alan Moore.

Bahnree said...

Snaz: I dunno, I've only heard those two songs. I love them both though, so maybe?

PCB: Yeah, sorry about that. Somebody said it with shall in the dares thread, and then that got in my head, so all my data files were corrupt. XD I don't mind incurring Alan's wrath.