Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nano '10: Chapter Titles

Day 12 WC: 18533
Day 13 WC: 21670

So I've always tried to do chapters and chapter titles during Nanowrimo, but usually I name the first few, then just fall back on numbering them, and then eventually don't do chapters at all. THIS year I am kinda succeeding! So far I've been chaptering AND titling them. So I'm going to share my chapter titles, and teasers for each one.

1. A Day In The Life of a Bodyguard: In which we meet Ektor, a-surprise!-bodyguard.
2. Dionysus is Onna a Boat: In which Dionysus is on a boat. Inspired, of course, by the song.
3. Lights on Sea and Land: In which people miss each other, and so there are lights.
4. Not All Treasure is Silver and Gold: In which Dionysus can get other treasures too. ;) PotC ref, of course.
5. Clip My Wings I'm Not An Angel: In which Dionysus is a dumb. Manafest ref.
6. The Corona: In which Dionysus gives Ariadne a gift. ;)
7. To the Leader, the Pariah, the Victim, the Messiah: In which there are a lot of battle-related scenes. 30 Seconds to Mars ref.
8. I'll Show You What It Means To Control You: In which Ektor and Ariadne realize they don't have much choice after all. Porcelain and the Tramps ref.
9. Today is the End of Tomorrow: In which bad things happen. Within Temptation ref. ;)
10. Peace and Pieces OR Eyes Wide Shut, I haven't decided which: In which much bad aftermath happens. EWS is an Adam Lambert ref.

Chapters yet to be written:
Dionysus Throws it on the Ground: In which, verily, Dionysus throws it on the ground [can't find the video, but you know what I'm talking about, right???].
Dionysus Doesn't Look At Explosions: In which I'm not sure how I'm going to produce an explosion, but I want one. Because cool guys don't look at them.
Scream at the Sky But No Sound: In which Dionysus gets a little upset. Adam Lambert ref.
As Gods We Shaped the World: In which the novel ends (probably).


Pine Cone Boy said...

I approve of how much inspiration you are drawing from the Lonely Island. This can only make your story better. :D

Snazel said...

Oooo, I love Chapter 7. :D


Heheh, throws it on the ground. Hehehe. Also screaming at the sky. Lolz.