Thursday, November 04, 2010

Nano '10: Prows and Channeling

Day 1 wordcount: 3310
Day 2 wc: 4021
Day 3 wc: 5011
Clearly, I didn't do as well the last two days. But they WERE Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which are my busiest days of the week. Today I've handwritten some stuff, and will, I think, have time to do my full 1667.

Another reason to like write-ins:
You can ask random, annoying questions, like "What is the thing on the front of a ship called, that's often carved like a naked woman?" and get ANSWERS. :) And nobody minds, because if they ask a question, they know you'll help answer too.

My novel is channeling self delusions and despair from Giovanni's Room and supernatural/mystical elements from She. It's definitely lending a unique flavor to this year's Nano, one that I don't think I'm approving of. I'm also trying to make Ariadne and Dionysus at least somewhat likeable, because right now they both have some pretty big issues that are making them act a little cracked. They will recapture their awesomeness later! They must!
I'nm probably going to two write-ins this weekend, which will increase my wordcount sufficiently, I think.


Snazel said...

You should read more Julie Kawaga to counteract She and Giovanni's Room. That's my prescription. Also Garth Nix and Scott Westerfield.

And I just want to hug you for your word count. :D

Bahnree said...

I should! I won The Iron Daughter but it hasn't come yet. :( I do have Uglies on my shelf though.

I accept hugs.