Monday, November 08, 2010

Nano '10: Ups and Downs

Day 6 WC: 10590
Day 7 WC: 11668
Day 8 WC: 13497

Whew the weekend was ROUGH. Saturday I only got my quota cuz I went to a write-in and wrote crap. Well, crap + one of the "Big Scenes" of the novel, if you know what I mean: the scenes that you envision when you first get the idea. So that scene was jolly, although it turned out much worse than it should have. Everything else that day was crap. Sunday was just crapilicious. I have no idea how I made my wordcount that day. I was referencing song lyrics, doing dares, using Old English vocabulary, and occasionally slipping into 2nd person present. Gross. It was all telling, no showing that day. :P TODAY, Monday, was pretty legit. It started out bad but I ended up having a lot of fun with a battle scene. LOL it turned out so gory! I'm pretty sure it was the most violent scene I've ever written. Don't get in battles against the Maenads, MMMMKAY?

More Soundtrack Songs:
"Avalanche" by Manafest (LOVE this song and heard it on the radio again and was like....OMG DIONYSUS THEME SONG. The music is totally him, and: "Cuz I'm the prodigal man of this avalanche, I'm going down I'm going down down/And if you turn me in I'll confess my sins I'm going down I'm going down down")
"Forgiven" by Relient K (another Dionysus song: "And you can't see past the blood on my hands/To see that you've been aptly damned/To fail and fail again/Cuz we're all guilty of the same things")


Snazel said...

Every so often I just sit and go Wait, what? Stephanie is making me feel sympathetic towards the god of drunkenness and debauchery?" You are SUPER SKILLED.

And I look forward to your battle scene. :D

Bahnree said...

I might post it tomorrow. Or not. I'm oscillating (heck yes) between two scenes.