Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nano '10: Bonding and Time Lords

Day 14 WC: 23352
Day 15 WC: 25534
Day 16 WC: 26675
Day 17 WC: 27224
Day 18 WC: Hoping to get to 29k tonight.

My main fear right now is that I don't have enough plot to get to 50k. I'm pretty sure the only scenes I've written this week have been a bar scene (which I keep going back to and adding "hilarious" bits, which aren't funny at all later), a Time Lord cameo, and travelogue/random complications for the sake of words. ;) None of those scenes were particularly necessary. Except maybe the travelogue.
I think the reason I'm running out of plot (which I never do, except during the novel that is a prequel to this one) is that 1. I have a full outline and 2. I keep skipping all the boring bits. ;) Usually I try to persevere through boring bits, unless they are horrifically boring. I dunno, though. I mean all I have left for this puppy is the Underworld bit, and the ending. And I still have 20k to fill.

I had a paper last night that tried to kill me so I'm a bit behind. There is a LOT of manly bonding going on right now in my novel. It's really hilarious. Like, wait, are you guys bonding AGAIN? We have things to do! Oh wait, I need more words...PLZ TO BOND MOAR. My favorite character right now is probably Ektor. He's still incredibly twitchy. ^_^

Ok, repetitive post is repetitive and rambly. CIAO.

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Snazel said...

I am always a fan of adding random eros to pad words. Oh, and Eros. *cough*

And the underworld is going to take up MANY MUCH words, isn't it? I mean, rivers always take up much. They can get swept away on the river and have to fight their way back! Or something.

I'm glad you like Ektor again! :D