Saturday, November 08, 2008

Abandon thought and let the dream descend

Welcome, ladies and gentlespoons, to the horrific literary time of HORROR, commonly known as Week Two of Nanowrimo.
It begins today, and I'm already scared.

So far, though, Nano has gone pretty well for me. Similar to last year, in that I'm writing each day's allotment and then quitting. I'm fairly into my novel/characters, although they're a little boring and will, of course, get worse this week. But I shall prevail!!!

Wordcount: 11,655 (Wyrd)
6,984 (A Good Son)
Sanity: Holding together, but getting some chinks
Sugar consumed: Let's not talk about that....
Bodycount: Hmmm good question...for Wyrd, only one guy has died. I thought a bunch of guys got killed by the mountain lion, but since the mountain lion is technically like an official of the government, that wouldn't be too they just got kinda mauled. For A Good Son, it's like....ridiculously large and no one anyone cares about except for Jed and Sinthy.

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