Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Hey, thanks. Nice, er, house. Any idea why those guys were trying to kill us?"

I'm definitely gaining momentum with my novel, I'm pleased to stay, although I haven't gotten ahead in word count at all. I met Agmin's family today :D and I learned he had a wife. Which made sense. :P But yeah. She's nice. :D hehe.

I also went to my first Eugene write-in today, and it was pretty fun, although I missed my Ottawa buddies, like Index Card Guy, and Sketchy Yaoi Girl. ;) There was major differences from the Ottawa write-ins I went to. The Eugene people treat write-ins more like social events: I only got 500 words written! SHOCKING! If I go again, I'm just going to have to be impolite and ignore the talk. I made a sweet box for my Inner Editor, though, out of playing cards, and got lots of other goodies. :D The people were pretty fun, anyway. :D

Oh, and when someone asks you what's happening in your novel at that moment, and you're able to say a mountain lion is massacring a bunch of guys....it is a magical moment.

Fenwick is made of freaking awesome.

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Snazel said...

You and your magical moments. :P And OF COURSE the canadian group more productive! It's Canadian...