Sunday, November 23, 2008

last chance for one last dance

Character Quiz
*stolen from Kendra, who stole it from me, who stole it from someone I don't remember*
I decided to pick my fave 5 "main-ish" characters cuz yeah. Too many. :P
A. How old are you?
Will: 18
Fenwick: 24
Alice: 17
Chad: 17
Callen: 20

B. Height?
Will: 5'10"
Fenwick: *tries to look at himself* *fails* Is it important? People always describe as tall, how's that?
Alice: 5'3"
Chad: 5'8"
Callen: 5'"9

C. Do you have any bad habits?
Will: I'm often too quiet for my own good, apparently. *Bundai hits him over the head*
Bundai: "Also you completely FAIL at life!"
Will: Yeah. Sigh.
Fenwick: *nervous laugh* Who've you been talking to?
Alice: Some people think sewing all my own clothes with velcro fasteners is one, but I tend to disagree. I dunno, Chad, what ARE my bad habits? *winks at him*
Chad: I'm your bad habit, Alice.
Alice: rofl
Chad: My bad habit is saying insensitive things outloud before I think.
Alice: That was deep.
Chad: That's just the kind of guy I am. *grins*
Callen: Mine would be similar to Chad's....but mostly just speaking my mind to whoever's around with no thought to the consequences.

D. Who’s your mate/spouse?
Will: N/A? *blinks*
Fenwick: None. Don't have....time.
Alice: Pffft, ask me in ten years.
Chad: That long?
Alice: What?
Chad: That's...a long time.
Callen: When I meet a nice girl like Evayne, only not her because she's my brother's betrothed, I'll let you know.

E. What’s your hairstyle?
Will: long-ish black hair.
Fenwick: long, straight, brown, tied back.
Alice: Dark brown, frizzy, in a ponytail.
Chad: The color varies depending on the week. Currently white, long-ish, straight.
Callen: gold-brown, short. Not to be confused with my brother's, whose is gold-brown with light gold high-lights, and is longer.

F. Have any kids?
Will: No.
Fenwick: *uncomfortable* No.
Alice: These are weird questions. How about it, Chad?
Chad: Uh, what? Not for at least ten years.
Alice: That's a long time!
Callen: Not until I meet the right person.

G. Favorite food?
Will: My grandpa's noodles.
Fenwick: Whatever's available.
Callen: Too many to choose from! I have a weakness for cream pie, though.

H. Favorite Ice cream flavor?
Will: Chocolate chip
Fenwick: Pardon?
Alice: Rocky Road
Chad: Rainbow Creme!
Alice: You realize that tastes EXACTLY the same as vanilla?
Chad: Yeah, only you can taste the artificial coloring.
Callen: What's ice cream?

I. Killed anyone?
Will: Not yet. I mean, no! I'm not planning to, just...Bundai keeps saying things like, "one of these days..." Creepy, really.
Fenwick: Yes, unfortunately. But only when necessary, or...Yes.
Alice: I'm trying REALLY hard to ignore Fenwick's weirdness, but it's not working out too well for me. Are Dane and Marly okay with this guy??? Oh, right, question. I have not killed anyone.
Chad: Yes. One. *shudders*
Callen: Yes, but never because I wanted to.

J. Hate anyone?
Will: Sharon.
Fenwick: Yes. Sandaro, and...others.
Alice: Yes, I hate Dane. This is all his fault.
Chad: Uh, yeah. Dane. Dang, that kid's annoying, bringing us all here.
Callen: My mother, sometimes, but don't tell anyone that. Also Sandaro.

K. Any secrets?
Will: Not really. *shrugs*
Alice: You're like the most secretive person I know!!!!
Will: I'm just quiet, geez.
Fenwick: Yes, but surely you don't expect me to proclaim them all right here?
Alice: I don't understand if this is a yes or no question or what.
Chad: My lab teacher never found out I was the one who put his gerbils in the principal's office. Heh.
Callen: I'm really Carth. Haha, just kidding!

L. Love anyone?
Will: I'm looking for someone to love.
Fenwick: I'm trying to love someone.
Alice: I'm trying to show someone I love them.
Chad: Hey, me too!
Callen: Not in that way.

M. What is your job?
Will: Student? Spearman-in-training?
Fenwick: Seer.
Alice: Super-leet-madam-of-doom?
Chad: Riiiight. Student for me.
Callen: Prince.

N. Are you a boy or a girl??
Will: boy
Chad: I am such a man.
Callen: I am of the male gender. Shouldn't this question have been first?

O. Family?
Will: My family is dead, but my foster family is Sharon and John.
Fenwick: None.
Alice: Yes, several brothers and parents. I mean, parents and several brothers. I have two parents.
Chad: Yeah but I forget and Steph is too lazy to go check.
Callen: My mother, Queen Hishaysha, and brother, Carth. Various uncles, aunts, cousins, etc....

P. Best Friends?
Will: Not really.
Fenwick: Ha!
Alice: Chad
Chad: Alice.
Callen: Carth.

Q. What was the most surprising moment in your life up until now?
Will: When we came to Altera.
Fenwick: When I realized some people actually are capable of love.
Alice: When we came to Altera?
Chad: When my parents told me I was going to public school instead of private.
Alice: Are you for real?
Callen: When my father died, I suppose.

R. Where would you rather be?
Will: Nowhere, really.
Fenwick: Anywhere else, doing anything else.
Alice: home!
Chad: With Alice.
Callen: Away from Evo and all these psychopaths.

S. Ever wish to be something else?
Will: Yes, now I'm getting my chance.
Fenwick: Every damn day.
Alice: Not really.
Chad: No.
Callen: YES!

T. Ever kissed anyone that's not a family member?

Will: No.
Fenwick: Not yet.
Alice: Yes.
Chad: No.
Callen: No.


Snazel said...

Oh my. That was awesome. I less-than-three your story.

And I suppose you know you're being cruel and forcing me to do this one too? *sigh*

Kendra said...

Ain't this a great procrastination tool? Love. I should do one for every freakin' story I write.
I am way too amused by Alice and Chad. Way too amused. Also by the fact that Alice has kissed someone and Chad has not. Heh.