Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mary Poppins is a freaking Timelord

I'll confess: massive word-padding ocurred in AGS today. It's true. I am ashamed. But mostly just happy that my day's words are done (for AGS, I mean). I think I can manage to get to 40k with that story, in any case, possibly farther. If I finish before 50k I'll just add the remainder to Wyrd, so I'll still come out with a nice, round, 100k.

On that note, if I EVER mention trying for 100k again, slap me. And then take me out to the woodshed and show me something nasty.

AGS: 37,111
Wyrd: 37,611

Oh yeah, and don't ask how I got on the track of Mary Poppins today, but I was thinking about her, and her magical bag, and everything, and realized that she must be a Timelord. You know, bigger on the inside and all that. OR she was a companion, and got the bag as a gift.

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Eve said...

I've thought of that too.

Mary is so not a companion - though Bert fits that role rather well (and would get on like a house on fire with Rose...)