Monday, November 17, 2008

I am so moody with my novels. I'm back to having a lot of fun with both of them, despite kinda hating their guts. It's a REALLY complex relationship.

But one thing I am amazed by is how little word-padding I've done this month. O.o Maybe it's early days yet, but I haven't launched into any Shakespearean sonnets at all! Shocking! I have employed somewhat epic chapter titles and some preliminary stuff in A Good Son (as well as the mudkip letter) and Wyrd has an extra part to Will's dream that probably shouldn't count, but that's really it. Less than 1k, for sure, all told. I'm pleased. :)

Wyrd: 26,687
A Good Son: 24,065

Should be at 28,334 today. Eesh.

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Kendra said...

And of course the mudkip letter ws totally needed. Mudkips are important!
I'm glad you're having fun again. That's why we do what we do! For the fun of it.