Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"What do you think we found? Nothing. Nothing at all."

So I've gotten to the point in A Good Son where I'm not entirely sure what Shinra was doing at the time. I had to hit the online research again. Trust me, it's HARD to find good info on What Shinra Was Doing while AVALANCHE was going around trying to save the world and completely botching 90% of the time. :P
Anyway, I found this hilarious article talking about how Rufus is the real hero of FF7. :P Total BS, although they did have some good points, and this bit cracked me up:
"Rufus arrives for the Jenova Reunion. Then that sleazeball Cloud gives his father's murderer a means to annihilate the whole world, all the while begging Hojo for a kind word. Rufus hasn't the faintest idea of what to make of this, so he saves his enemies' lives and decides to figure it out later."
Hahaha classic. Totally true, too.

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Kendra said...

Go Rufus!
I wouldn't say he was the hero. But he was certainly pretty much the best.
Go you and your two novels! *cheers*