Sunday, November 02, 2008


So I like Linkin Park, so whut???

GREETINGS! I am following way too many blogs, I decided. Sorry guys, but there's no way I can read the plethora of Nano-related blogs flooding my browser! :D I am reading my favorite people, notably Snazel and Beyond the Event Horizon.

Anyways, the novel is going well for me, I guess. I was SUPER excited about Nano all during October, but then November 1st I was kinda.....erghhh about my novel. But now, the inspiration is back! I haven't been able to write all that much, meaning I'm on target but I was hoping to get to 5k or so this weekend. I like making buffers. Ah well.

And I know I'm being a total flake about Cheron, but I've cut him out once again. So if Fenwick doesn't immediately appear schizophrenic, he will be. He will be. I'm really enjoying writing Fenwick, though, which I didn't expect, and I realized he WOULD work for Cheron's roles, so yeah, there ya go.
My five teenagers I am not so pleased with. Well, that's a lie, Alice and Chad are fun, but the other three are so unnecessarily emo I can't even talk about it. I'm considering skipping ahead a bit so I can get them into Altera that much faster. :P Oh yeah, remember how I asked whether I should name the world Altera or Evo? I decided on Altera, but the capitol city is Evo. ;)


Snazel said...

I'm one of your favorite people? awwwwwwww *warm and fuzzy*

Kendra said...

That is so clever of you! The Altera/Evo thing. "This is why YOU'RE in management, and I'm not. You go girl!"
Also cutting back on blogs is also smart. I should do that. But I have too many favourite people!
I'm sorry about your teenage angst problems. I'm sure they'll get over it. Their bodies are going through some changes!
Poor Cheron. But since he now doesn't even exist, I'm sure he'll get over it.

Bahnree said...

*huggles Jasmine*

Of course I read you, too, Kendra, but you're on LJ which is a different story. Hooooly cow, I was friends with the nanowrimo LJ community, but of course like a hundred people were posting there a day, so...I stopped being friends. O.o
Yes, I am very clever. :D
lol yeah Cheron/Chester will probably turn up in another novel someday...

Snazel said...

What, you mean chester isn't in the book? After out marvelous conversations about him, and the videos and everything?

*cries piteously*