Friday, November 21, 2008

"I've had a LONG day, I've had BLOODY enough!"

I think I'm going to run into certain wordcount predicaments.
Wyrd, I'm pretty sure, is going to need a lot more than 50k. I've cut back on a lot of the stuff I was going to include (to be added later) but it's still going to be hairy. For instance, all I did yesterday was write this epic social-state dance/feast event. Eesh. MUST HAVE FULL STORY ARC!
Meanwhile, A Good Son is trying to end itself. Not quite yet, but it's coming. I feel it in my bones. And it's hard to deal with. See, at the beginning of the month, I figured I'd go through FF7, AC, AND DoC, but then a week or so in I figured I better restrain myself to just the first two, partly because at that point the wordcount was taking a while to get anywhere plot-wise, but also cuz I had ZERO inspiration for what should happen during DoC. I mean, I'd have to, like, make EVERYTHING up!!! lol! No but seriously....the only things I c ould think of would be something involving Hojo, only problem is none of my MCs would interest Hojo in the slightest, so there would be no conflict, and hence no story. And FF7 is already freakishly observor-ish, I'm not doing that with DoC too. Wow yeah I am RAMBLING! Just a peek inside my psyche right now. Oh, right, so in conclusion, I'm pretty sure I only have about 10k worth more of AGS.

Another peek into my psyche:
I started having conversations with radio stations today. First I delivered obscenities to NRQ and STAR because they were on commercials, then I switched to MAGIC to hear FREAKING CHRISTMAS MUSIC!
*switches to the classical station in a huff, and still yelling at MAGIC*
*realizes she's yelling at MAGIC*
"Oh, sorry, I was yelling at MAGIC...I have nothing against you, really."
*has a realization*
"But if YOU start playing Christmas carols with flutes and violins, I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD!"



Pine Cone Boy said...

I find it amusing when people are upset because their novels are going to go over 50K, when I'm not convinced I can even stretch mine out that long.

Snazel said...

@ Pine Cone Boy. Well, you can always randomly make your characters drunk, or torture them, etc. Flashbacks are good for that. :D

@Bahnree; You can Finish AGS, and then write four threes on Wyrd a day! Eh, eh?