Thursday, November 06, 2008

Say it if it's worth saving me

I am a little paranoid of myself now, after an event that happened today.

Okay, so remember how I said there was a set of male twins in my math class, and they looked EXACTLY how I imagined the set of twins in my Nano novel would look like? Well, since then, the RL twins have either corresponded to certain aspects of their character-versions (Callen and Carth) or I've used aspects of their personalities for the novel versions.

Yesterday I was planning the death scene of one of the twins. I had been deliberating if I was actually going to kill one or not, so I was trying to decide how it would happen.

When I came into math class today, one of the twins wasn't there. O.o And not only wasn't one of them there, the one who corresponds in my head with the twin whose death I was planning was the one missing!!!!

Unfortunately, I am not on speaking terms with the IRL twins, otherwise I would have run up to Michael and been like "OMG WHERE IS TEH MARTIN????" As it was, I almost did. O.o

So I think I will not kill the twin for now, just so in case anything happens to Martin, I won't feel guilty. O.o

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Snazel said...

Mwahahahahahah. "Stranger Than Fiction" much?