Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wyrd: excerpts

These are the two excerpts I've posted on my Nano profile so far:

Excerpt #1:
They met in darkness. They always met in darkness. There was safety and security in it, and anonymity.
“It is today, then?” a voice asked, when the shuffling sounds of gathering bodies had subsided. “There is no doubt?” The voice was deep, aged and rich, like a wine that has been left in a cellar for centuries.
A second voice answered, this one much more gravelly, but just as serious. “Yes. The Seers have confirmed it. They will come together today, and be brought here.”
“Very well,” the first voice said. “Our plans cannot be changed after today. Is everyone in agreement in our planned course of action?”
There were murmurs of assent all around the gathering place.
“Make sure they are properly welcomed,” the first voice said. “It is now in motion, and cannot be changed.”

Excerpt #2:
That night Will had a horrible dream. He dreamed that he stood in the middle of Illea Forest. The trees were on fire around him. Animals raced past, along with green men he assumed were the mossinae. Will felt the heat of the flames on him, but he wasn’t on fire…yet.
He turned in a circle; somehow he knew there was a cause to the blaze, and if he could only find it and put it out, it would stop. Behind him stood Chad, Alice, Dane, and Marly. Marly was gathering animals in her arms, trying to protect them from the fire. A huge mountain lion was beside her, but just staring, unable to help. Dane was waving a piece of cloth, pathetically small, at the fire: he seemed to think he was trying to put it out, but instead it only flamed higher. Meanwhile, Chad and Alice were simply holding on to each other and staring above them.
Will shouted at them; shouted at them to stop what they were doing and look around, to find what cause, but none of them would listen, or none of them would hear.
So Will turned away from them, and ran into the forest. He searched high and low, but couldn’t find anything. He ran and ran until his lungs were bursting, until he fell to his knees, trying to breathe but breathing in only smoke and sparks. He stared at the ground.
Suddenly he became aware that there was a picture, apparently beneath the ground: men and women moving and talking. He couldn’t hear what they were saying. Each of them was dressed in black, dresses and long tunics, all made of black materials. They spread in a circle as he watched, and started doing something with their hands: exactly what, Willcouldn’t tell. His half-understanding threatened to drive him mad with curiosity.
“What are you doing?” he screamed. “Stop! Can’t you see? You’re burning it all! Destroying it all!”
But just as he could not hear them, they could not hear him.
Will suddenly felt a burning sensation, in his right shoulder. He looked at it, annoyed, to see that a piece of burning material had landed there, and was lighting his clothes on fire. Will jumped up and tried to brush it off, but the fire spread, from his shoulder all over his body, filling him with a writhing, fiery agony. Will screamed and screamed, feeling himself withering to nothing…
And then it was as if he was nothing, and merely watching. A million images passed in front of his eyes, as if he were watching the deeds of millions over a span of centuries. He watched a man, dressed in black and silver and wielding a long silver sword, pierce another man, old and fat, through the stomach. He watched another man, also dressed in black, but wielding a huge sable sword, kill armies and lay waste to countries.
Will’s head hurt from the stream of images: he wanted to clutch himself, to make it stop, but he could do nothing. He was nothing.
He woke up in the darkness of Bundai’s house, clutching his head, drenched in sweat, and his shoulder on fire with pain. Will curled up in a ball, wishing he could forget.

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