Sunday, November 30, 2008

Madness? THIS IS NANO!

Congrats to all my fellow winners!
Snazel/Jasmine, you outshone us all. ;) I'm happy you're alive.
Clownman/Ben, though I don't know you really at all, I'm impressed by your feat. :D I wasn't sure what to expect from you.
Kokotankuu/Christina, you rocked my socks off today. Freaking amazing.
PCB/Zack, I KNOW you'll be joining us in mere hours. :D
Kendra/Kendra, same for you, young lady! Don't give up!!!

As for all my characters....
Will: You rock. I'm sorry I wasn't able to show how much.
Chad: Thank you for becoming a killer for me.
Alice: Thank you for taking care of Chad.
Dane: You rock as well. I'm a fan of your last fight.
Marly: You're too nice. That's all I have to say. I would rip his throat out, personally. There's still time, girlfriend.
Fenwick: *waves from a distance* I'm sorry. From over here.
Callen: I'm sorry. You're hot?
Ravva: I'm sorry that you didn't get much screen time. But I'm pleased with the time you DID get, and I know in the rewrite you will pwn more faces.
Carth: I'm sorry.
Agmin: *hugs* I'm SO sorry you didn't get to pwn faces!!! I'll make it up to you. Also give you more screen time.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

super massive black hole!

Wow, um, wish me luck. :P

I just made a VERY brief outline for what I want to accomplish today and tomorrow, buuuuut I really don't think 4800 words is sufficient. So. I'll just figure it out as I go along. Yay for one-sentence scenes, eh?

*pokes novel with toe*
*dives in*

Friday, November 28, 2008

Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest

I experienced that pretty awesome feeling today, the one where you're writing and you start getting all nervous and squee-y about what's happening or going to happen. :P It only lasted a couple seconds though.


Callen kidnapped Dane and Marly. :D

Ravva at last reappeared on the scene.

Still have no idea how I'm going to wrap this up in 6k.

Yes, my title line IS rather significant today (as it was yesterday, btw).

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"The boy is dangerous. They all see it, why can't you?"

Wow so I was just happily typing away on Wyrd actually that's a lie, I was typing PAINFULLY away on Wyrd tonight, trying to figure out HOW the heck this was all going to pan out, when Callen suddenly lost his mind.
Oh, yes. 
Callen, Prince of Altera, and heir-elect, stood there on his own two feet and WENT FREAKING MAD!
He was crazy. I stared at him marching into the Cantra and saying RANDOM things and I was like WHUT?????
And then I realized what was going on. And what was happening. And what was GOING to happen in a few scenes. And, I'm embarrased to say, I cried.
Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. Freaking cried over a freaking fictional character that my mind made up.

I think I need to catch up on that sleep I've been not ....having...lately, because this is getting a little worrying.
Ah well, at least I'm a little inspired about things again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"I think you want to save the Planet, but you want to be rich at the end of it, too."

So, the writing continues! I have not given up, if any rumors were spreading of the sort. I am a bit behind in Wyrd, and I AM stopping AGS at 40k (or rather, have, cuz I reached it). There are several reasons for this. One, I am tired. Two, there is no more story for the poor thing. And three, 90k will still be much, much more than I've ever written in a month before. :D

I am a little worried about my enthusiasm level of Wyrd, though. I haven't written anything more on it since Sunday, as I didn't write yesterday and today I finished up AGS. BUT I'm hoping to do a bit on it tonight still. Then tomorrow I'll get back into the full swing of it again. If I have a huge energy burst/time relief, I may add the 10 remaining k of AGS' goal onto Wyrd's goal. But probably not.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mary Poppins is a freaking Timelord

I'll confess: massive word-padding ocurred in AGS today. It's true. I am ashamed. But mostly just happy that my day's words are done (for AGS, I mean). I think I can manage to get to 40k with that story, in any case, possibly farther. If I finish before 50k I'll just add the remainder to Wyrd, so I'll still come out with a nice, round, 100k.

On that note, if I EVER mention trying for 100k again, slap me. And then take me out to the woodshed and show me something nasty.

AGS: 37,111
Wyrd: 37,611

Oh yeah, and don't ask how I got on the track of Mary Poppins today, but I was thinking about her, and her magical bag, and everything, and realized that she must be a Timelord. You know, bigger on the inside and all that. OR she was a companion, and got the bag as a gift.

last chance for one last dance

Character Quiz
*stolen from Kendra, who stole it from me, who stole it from someone I don't remember*
I decided to pick my fave 5 "main-ish" characters cuz yeah. Too many. :P
A. How old are you?
Will: 18
Fenwick: 24
Alice: 17
Chad: 17
Callen: 20

B. Height?
Will: 5'10"
Fenwick: *tries to look at himself* *fails* Is it important? People always describe as tall, how's that?
Alice: 5'3"
Chad: 5'8"
Callen: 5'"9

C. Do you have any bad habits?
Will: I'm often too quiet for my own good, apparently. *Bundai hits him over the head*
Bundai: "Also you completely FAIL at life!"
Will: Yeah. Sigh.
Fenwick: *nervous laugh* Who've you been talking to?
Alice: Some people think sewing all my own clothes with velcro fasteners is one, but I tend to disagree. I dunno, Chad, what ARE my bad habits? *winks at him*
Chad: I'm your bad habit, Alice.
Alice: rofl
Chad: My bad habit is saying insensitive things outloud before I think.
Alice: That was deep.
Chad: That's just the kind of guy I am. *grins*
Callen: Mine would be similar to Chad's....but mostly just speaking my mind to whoever's around with no thought to the consequences.

D. Who’s your mate/spouse?
Will: N/A? *blinks*
Fenwick: None. Don't have....time.
Alice: Pffft, ask me in ten years.
Chad: That long?
Alice: What?
Chad: That's...a long time.
Callen: When I meet a nice girl like Evayne, only not her because she's my brother's betrothed, I'll let you know.

E. What’s your hairstyle?
Will: long-ish black hair.
Fenwick: long, straight, brown, tied back.
Alice: Dark brown, frizzy, in a ponytail.
Chad: The color varies depending on the week. Currently white, long-ish, straight.
Callen: gold-brown, short. Not to be confused with my brother's, whose is gold-brown with light gold high-lights, and is longer.

F. Have any kids?
Will: No.
Fenwick: *uncomfortable* No.
Alice: These are weird questions. How about it, Chad?
Chad: Uh, what? Not for at least ten years.
Alice: That's a long time!
Callen: Not until I meet the right person.

G. Favorite food?
Will: My grandpa's noodles.
Fenwick: Whatever's available.
Callen: Too many to choose from! I have a weakness for cream pie, though.

H. Favorite Ice cream flavor?
Will: Chocolate chip
Fenwick: Pardon?
Alice: Rocky Road
Chad: Rainbow Creme!
Alice: You realize that tastes EXACTLY the same as vanilla?
Chad: Yeah, only you can taste the artificial coloring.
Callen: What's ice cream?

I. Killed anyone?
Will: Not yet. I mean, no! I'm not planning to, just...Bundai keeps saying things like, "one of these days..." Creepy, really.
Fenwick: Yes, unfortunately. But only when necessary, or...Yes.
Alice: I'm trying REALLY hard to ignore Fenwick's weirdness, but it's not working out too well for me. Are Dane and Marly okay with this guy??? Oh, right, question. I have not killed anyone.
Chad: Yes. One. *shudders*
Callen: Yes, but never because I wanted to.

J. Hate anyone?
Will: Sharon.
Fenwick: Yes. Sandaro, and...others.
Alice: Yes, I hate Dane. This is all his fault.
Chad: Uh, yeah. Dane. Dang, that kid's annoying, bringing us all here.
Callen: My mother, sometimes, but don't tell anyone that. Also Sandaro.

K. Any secrets?
Will: Not really. *shrugs*
Alice: You're like the most secretive person I know!!!!
Will: I'm just quiet, geez.
Fenwick: Yes, but surely you don't expect me to proclaim them all right here?
Alice: I don't understand if this is a yes or no question or what.
Chad: My lab teacher never found out I was the one who put his gerbils in the principal's office. Heh.
Callen: I'm really Carth. Haha, just kidding!

L. Love anyone?
Will: I'm looking for someone to love.
Fenwick: I'm trying to love someone.
Alice: I'm trying to show someone I love them.
Chad: Hey, me too!
Callen: Not in that way.

M. What is your job?
Will: Student? Spearman-in-training?
Fenwick: Seer.
Alice: Super-leet-madam-of-doom?
Chad: Riiiight. Student for me.
Callen: Prince.

N. Are you a boy or a girl??
Will: boy
Chad: I am such a man.
Callen: I am of the male gender. Shouldn't this question have been first?

O. Family?
Will: My family is dead, but my foster family is Sharon and John.
Fenwick: None.
Alice: Yes, several brothers and parents. I mean, parents and several brothers. I have two parents.
Chad: Yeah but I forget and Steph is too lazy to go check.
Callen: My mother, Queen Hishaysha, and brother, Carth. Various uncles, aunts, cousins, etc....

P. Best Friends?
Will: Not really.
Fenwick: Ha!
Alice: Chad
Chad: Alice.
Callen: Carth.

Q. What was the most surprising moment in your life up until now?
Will: When we came to Altera.
Fenwick: When I realized some people actually are capable of love.
Alice: When we came to Altera?
Chad: When my parents told me I was going to public school instead of private.
Alice: Are you for real?
Callen: When my father died, I suppose.

R. Where would you rather be?
Will: Nowhere, really.
Fenwick: Anywhere else, doing anything else.
Alice: home!
Chad: With Alice.
Callen: Away from Evo and all these psychopaths.

S. Ever wish to be something else?
Will: Yes, now I'm getting my chance.
Fenwick: Every damn day.
Alice: Not really.
Chad: No.
Callen: YES!

T. Ever kissed anyone that's not a family member?

Will: No.
Fenwick: Not yet.
Alice: Yes.
Chad: No.
Callen: No.

Friday, November 21, 2008

They gonna rip up your heads, your aspirations to shreds

The 30ks are very ill this year. As in, they are NOT doing their job, which is, namely, to make the whole process fun again. They're freaking trying to KILL ME!!!!

Luckily, My Chemical Romance has stepped in, and is repeatedly saving my life.
*snuggles with My Chemical Romance*
*realizes what she's doing*
I don't even LIKE that band!!!! But whenever they come on, I'm like dang, let's do this thang!

"thang" being the novel, of course. *stifles laugh* Not...other activities. 

"I've had a LONG day, I've had BLOODY enough!"

I think I'm going to run into certain wordcount predicaments.
Wyrd, I'm pretty sure, is going to need a lot more than 50k. I've cut back on a lot of the stuff I was going to include (to be added later) but it's still going to be hairy. For instance, all I did yesterday was write this epic social-state dance/feast event. Eesh. MUST HAVE FULL STORY ARC!
Meanwhile, A Good Son is trying to end itself. Not quite yet, but it's coming. I feel it in my bones. And it's hard to deal with. See, at the beginning of the month, I figured I'd go through FF7, AC, AND DoC, but then a week or so in I figured I better restrain myself to just the first two, partly because at that point the wordcount was taking a while to get anywhere plot-wise, but also cuz I had ZERO inspiration for what should happen during DoC. I mean, I'd have to, like, make EVERYTHING up!!! lol! No but seriously....the only things I c ould think of would be something involving Hojo, only problem is none of my MCs would interest Hojo in the slightest, so there would be no conflict, and hence no story. And FF7 is already freakishly observor-ish, I'm not doing that with DoC too. Wow yeah I am RAMBLING! Just a peek inside my psyche right now. Oh, right, so in conclusion, I'm pretty sure I only have about 10k worth more of AGS.

Another peek into my psyche:
I started having conversations with radio stations today. First I delivered obscenities to NRQ and STAR because they were on commercials, then I switched to MAGIC to hear FREAKING CHRISTMAS MUSIC!
*switches to the classical station in a huff, and still yelling at MAGIC*
*realizes she's yelling at MAGIC*
"Oh, sorry, I was yelling at MAGIC...I have nothing against you, really."
*has a realization*
"But if YOU start playing Christmas carols with flutes and violins, I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD!"


Thursday, November 20, 2008

But it's all we got now!

Ugh so I wrote my entire wordcount for yesterday (about 3800) entirely between the hours of 7 and half past 11, pm. This used to be my prime writing time, back in the day when I normally stayed up till 2, but nowadays that is my LEAST coherent time for my brain. Whew. It was epic, to say the least, but I got 'er done. The day's wordcount, that is. Today it all starts again....

Wyrd: 31,805
A Good Son: 29,000 (not even joking, ON THE DOT)

Question of the day: Should Callen be a good dancer or a bad dancer?

Random observation of the day: It is really, really fun to make Cloud seem like the "bad guy".

That is all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"And if I perish, I perish."

Wyrd: 30,008
A Good Son: Something over 27k

So I've talked about my moodiness with my novels, have I talked about my paranoia and feverish commitment?
I'm barely managing to keep up with my words right now. Wyrd is something that I do not let myself go to sleep without writing, but A Good Son takes second place so if I have a good writing day, I catch up a little, and if I have a bad writing day, I fall behind again.
Despite my ability to keep reasonably within goal, I have this freakish fear that ANY TIME NOW I'll just suddenly collapse and not be able to write for a week. This is scary because I really do like both of the ideas for these novels, and I know if I give up this month, I either won't return to them or I won't return to them for a long, long time. And I don't want to let them get dusty! MUST FINISH THEM! Hence my feverish commitment.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I am so moody with my novels. I'm back to having a lot of fun with both of them, despite kinda hating their guts. It's a REALLY complex relationship.

But one thing I am amazed by is how little word-padding I've done this month. O.o Maybe it's early days yet, but I haven't launched into any Shakespearean sonnets at all! Shocking! I have employed somewhat epic chapter titles and some preliminary stuff in A Good Son (as well as the mudkip letter) and Wyrd has an extra part to Will's dream that probably shouldn't count, but that's really it. Less than 1k, for sure, all told. I'm pleased. :)

Wyrd: 26,687
A Good Son: 24,065

Should be at 28,334 today. Eesh.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I apologize. This time you get the truth."

Oh yeah so I didn't do a report on yesterday. :D As you can see by the word-meter over there -------------------->
I am all caught up on Wyrd!! Yay!!! I tried to write some of A Good Son but didn't get very far. :( That story is dragging me down. Dia isn't even DOING anything, and that's the whole point. *slaps Dia around a bit*
Wyrd I like, amazingly enough, but they've accomplished virtually NOTHING! Except history lessons. And boring traveling exposition. And a spoon-death. :D
So my goal for today is get Chad out of this post-trauma deal he's landed, make everyone friends, and get them closer together, physically. LOL!!! And that whole sentence was totally PG.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I need to go write or die now.



"They kiss! Why, that looks so unique!"

Wow I totally failed at writing yesterday! I only accomplished 800 of A Good Son. O.o
So I've decided for today, my goal is to write yesterday and today's worth of Wyrd (because that's the one that MUST be finished this month), as well as the amount of homework I need to do, which 50-ish pages and write a response. Oh and finish math, cuz a couple of those problems I do not remember learning at all. Heh. But that's my brain rebelling against math.
Anyways, hope everyone's doing well in their novels, better than me. :D

And yes, I AM listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. :P That movie is on drugs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Why, I've never had so much fun."

I've decided that Wyrd has a shocking lack of magic and an excessive amount of nodding. A Good Son is just boring. :D Except for a couple of good parts.
Wyrd: 21,595
A Good Son: 20, 101
Body Count:
Wyrd: 2 (lots of injuries as well)
A Good Son: hundreds and hundreds, no one named yet though
My level of enjoyment (out of 10):
Wyrd: 5/10
A Good Son: 7/10

And I've just REACHED the 20s!!! *cries*
Here's to a week of hell.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Okay, so you're good."

A Good Son:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
18,045 / 50,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
20,005 / 50,000


Total wordcount for today: 4365

Straaaaaange things are happenin to me

Here's my WIP soundtrack for A Good Son:

Credit Song from Last Order
Somnus from FFXIII
The Reason by Hoobastank (Rufus)
My Confession by Josh Groban (Rufus)
Sally's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas (Dia)

I just discovered Sally's Song last night and it's freakishly perfect for Dia. :D FREAKISHLY.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"What do you think we found? Nothing. Nothing at all."

So I've gotten to the point in A Good Son where I'm not entirely sure what Shinra was doing at the time. I had to hit the online research again. Trust me, it's HARD to find good info on What Shinra Was Doing while AVALANCHE was going around trying to save the world and completely botching 90% of the time. :P
Anyway, I found this hilarious article talking about how Rufus is the real hero of FF7. :P Total BS, although they did have some good points, and this bit cracked me up:
"Rufus arrives for the Jenova Reunion. Then that sleazeball Cloud gives his father's murderer a means to annihilate the whole world, all the while begging Hojo for a kind word. Rufus hasn't the faintest idea of what to make of this, so he saves his enemies' lives and decides to figure it out later."
Hahaha classic. Totally true, too.


Wyrd: 16,094
A Good Son: 13,600

Wordcount goal for today:
Wyrd: 18,334
A Good Son: 15,600

Hard game. I'm not sure whose idea it was to write 100k this month, but I think they should be dragged out and shot. I'm so sick of staring at Word documents. Despite that, I love both of my stories and refuse to stop on either one of them, for fear they'd never get finished. O.o

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Order your fine horses, be with them at the door

I am on freaking fire. Metaphorically, of course, not literally. But yeah, I still love both of my stories. Well, mostly. ;)

Wyrd: 13,299 (I need to do my writing for this one for today, but it shall get done! I've got time)
A Good Son: 11,509 (where I wanted to be today, I WILL catch up!)

I think it's really interesting that I can get into Will's head REALLY easily (in Wyrd) but all the other characters in it I have a really hard time. Will gave me 400 words waking up and getting out of bed, and another 400 in a super epic dream he had. But yeah. All of my characters in that novel are kinda...sitting around. They need to do something. Meanwhile, the characters in A Good Son seem to never NOT be in a helicopter, rofl, unless they're having a phone conference call with ppl who are IN helicopters. :P Nice.

I also got to write a drunk scene today. :D My life is fulfilled.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wyrd: excerpts

These are the two excerpts I've posted on my Nano profile so far:

Excerpt #1:
They met in darkness. They always met in darkness. There was safety and security in it, and anonymity.
“It is today, then?” a voice asked, when the shuffling sounds of gathering bodies had subsided. “There is no doubt?” The voice was deep, aged and rich, like a wine that has been left in a cellar for centuries.
A second voice answered, this one much more gravelly, but just as serious. “Yes. The Seers have confirmed it. They will come together today, and be brought here.”
“Very well,” the first voice said. “Our plans cannot be changed after today. Is everyone in agreement in our planned course of action?”
There were murmurs of assent all around the gathering place.
“Make sure they are properly welcomed,” the first voice said. “It is now in motion, and cannot be changed.”

Excerpt #2:
That night Will had a horrible dream. He dreamed that he stood in the middle of Illea Forest. The trees were on fire around him. Animals raced past, along with green men he assumed were the mossinae. Will felt the heat of the flames on him, but he wasn’t on fire…yet.
He turned in a circle; somehow he knew there was a cause to the blaze, and if he could only find it and put it out, it would stop. Behind him stood Chad, Alice, Dane, and Marly. Marly was gathering animals in her arms, trying to protect them from the fire. A huge mountain lion was beside her, but just staring, unable to help. Dane was waving a piece of cloth, pathetically small, at the fire: he seemed to think he was trying to put it out, but instead it only flamed higher. Meanwhile, Chad and Alice were simply holding on to each other and staring above them.
Will shouted at them; shouted at them to stop what they were doing and look around, to find what cause, but none of them would listen, or none of them would hear.
So Will turned away from them, and ran into the forest. He searched high and low, but couldn’t find anything. He ran and ran until his lungs were bursting, until he fell to his knees, trying to breathe but breathing in only smoke and sparks. He stared at the ground.
Suddenly he became aware that there was a picture, apparently beneath the ground: men and women moving and talking. He couldn’t hear what they were saying. Each of them was dressed in black, dresses and long tunics, all made of black materials. They spread in a circle as he watched, and started doing something with their hands: exactly what, Willcouldn’t tell. His half-understanding threatened to drive him mad with curiosity.
“What are you doing?” he screamed. “Stop! Can’t you see? You’re burning it all! Destroying it all!”
But just as he could not hear them, they could not hear him.
Will suddenly felt a burning sensation, in his right shoulder. He looked at it, annoyed, to see that a piece of burning material had landed there, and was lighting his clothes on fire. Will jumped up and tried to brush it off, but the fire spread, from his shoulder all over his body, filling him with a writhing, fiery agony. Will screamed and screamed, feeling himself withering to nothing…
And then it was as if he was nothing, and merely watching. A million images passed in front of his eyes, as if he were watching the deeds of millions over a span of centuries. He watched a man, dressed in black and silver and wielding a long silver sword, pierce another man, old and fat, through the stomach. He watched another man, also dressed in black, but wielding a huge sable sword, kill armies and lay waste to countries.
Will’s head hurt from the stream of images: he wanted to clutch himself, to make it stop, but he could do nothing. He was nothing.
He woke up in the darkness of Bundai’s house, clutching his head, drenched in sweat, and his shoulder on fire with pain. Will curled up in a ball, wishing he could forget.

Quizzes (normal post below this one)

What Your Love of Nerds Says About You

No doubt about it, you're a bit of a geek.

You're a bit offbeat in an appearance, but you're still real cute.

You don't care much about what other people think. You're too busy doing your own thing!

You're definitely one of a kind - and in your case, that's a very good thing.

What Your Cute Monster Says About You

You're the type of person who stands out in a crowd, even when you're trying to blend in.

You are honest in your character and appearance. You don't pretend to be someone else.

Your inner demon is sorrow. You tend to get depressed easily.

People think you're cute because you're rebellious. Your uniqueness is charming.

You Are a Vampire

You are charming, sensual, and even a bit manipulative.

You can't help but get people to do what you want.

You have sharp senses and a strong predatory instinct.

You go after what you want, without mercy.

While you have the heart of a killer, many people are drawn to you.

You are elegant, timeless, and mysterious. You are the ultimate fantasy object.

Abandon thought and let the dream descend

Welcome, ladies and gentlespoons, to the horrific literary time of HORROR, commonly known as Week Two of Nanowrimo.
It begins today, and I'm already scared.

So far, though, Nano has gone pretty well for me. Similar to last year, in that I'm writing each day's allotment and then quitting. I'm fairly into my novel/characters, although they're a little boring and will, of course, get worse this week. But I shall prevail!!!

Wordcount: 11,655 (Wyrd)
6,984 (A Good Son)
Sanity: Holding together, but getting some chinks
Sugar consumed: Let's not talk about that....
Bodycount: Hmmm good question...for Wyrd, only one guy has died. I thought a bunch of guys got killed by the mountain lion, but since the mountain lion is technically like an official of the government, that wouldn't be too they just got kinda mauled. For A Good Son, it's like....ridiculously large and no one anyone cares about except for Jed and Sinthy.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Say it if it's worth saving me

I am a little paranoid of myself now, after an event that happened today.

Okay, so remember how I said there was a set of male twins in my math class, and they looked EXACTLY how I imagined the set of twins in my Nano novel would look like? Well, since then, the RL twins have either corresponded to certain aspects of their character-versions (Callen and Carth) or I've used aspects of their personalities for the novel versions.

Yesterday I was planning the death scene of one of the twins. I had been deliberating if I was actually going to kill one or not, so I was trying to decide how it would happen.

When I came into math class today, one of the twins wasn't there. O.o And not only wasn't one of them there, the one who corresponds in my head with the twin whose death I was planning was the one missing!!!!

Unfortunately, I am not on speaking terms with the IRL twins, otherwise I would have run up to Michael and been like "OMG WHERE IS TEH MARTIN????" As it was, I almost did. O.o

So I think I will not kill the twin for now, just so in case anything happens to Martin, I won't feel guilty. O.o

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"You're a hard woman to seduce." "Thank you?"

See Stephanie, in the remnants of her Halloween costume, ready to start Nanowrimo 2008!

See Gaia, looking shocked at Stephanie's audacity (also ready to start Nano)!!!

See Connor, daring to interrupt Nano!

See my box, containing my Inner Editor!

"Hey, thanks. Nice, er, house. Any idea why those guys were trying to kill us?"

I'm definitely gaining momentum with my novel, I'm pleased to stay, although I haven't gotten ahead in word count at all. I met Agmin's family today :D and I learned he had a wife. Which made sense. :P But yeah. She's nice. :D hehe.

I also went to my first Eugene write-in today, and it was pretty fun, although I missed my Ottawa buddies, like Index Card Guy, and Sketchy Yaoi Girl. ;) There was major differences from the Ottawa write-ins I went to. The Eugene people treat write-ins more like social events: I only got 500 words written! SHOCKING! If I go again, I'm just going to have to be impolite and ignore the talk. I made a sweet box for my Inner Editor, though, out of playing cards, and got lots of other goodies. :D The people were pretty fun, anyway. :D

Oh, and when someone asks you what's happening in your novel at that moment, and you're able to say a mountain lion is massacring a bunch of is a magical moment.

Fenwick is made of freaking awesome.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


So I like Linkin Park, so whut???

GREETINGS! I am following way too many blogs, I decided. Sorry guys, but there's no way I can read the plethora of Nano-related blogs flooding my browser! :D I am reading my favorite people, notably Snazel and Beyond the Event Horizon.

Anyways, the novel is going well for me, I guess. I was SUPER excited about Nano all during October, but then November 1st I was kinda.....erghhh about my novel. But now, the inspiration is back! I haven't been able to write all that much, meaning I'm on target but I was hoping to get to 5k or so this weekend. I like making buffers. Ah well.

And I know I'm being a total flake about Cheron, but I've cut him out once again. So if Fenwick doesn't immediately appear schizophrenic, he will be. He will be. I'm really enjoying writing Fenwick, though, which I didn't expect, and I realized he WOULD work for Cheron's roles, so yeah, there ya go.
My five teenagers I am not so pleased with. Well, that's a lie, Alice and Chad are fun, but the other three are so unnecessarily emo I can't even talk about it. I'm considering skipping ahead a bit so I can get them into Altera that much faster. :P Oh yeah, remember how I asked whether I should name the world Altera or Evo? I decided on Altera, but the capitol city is Evo. ;)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The difference between outlining/planning a story, and then actually sitting down and writing it, never ceases to amaze me. :D Various bits of my story keep fleeing to faraway lands, but luckily, I retain a semblance of a clue of what I'm doing. :D
I've introduced the five main people, and Fenwick, because he's the lucky possessor of the prologue. I realized I might as well introduce some semblance of the "badduns" early on too, so that's what I'm going to do next, only in an extremely vague fashion. Vague...good word, that.

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