Monday, February 18, 2008

Stop it, you're so silly! Silly Corellian!

Wordcount: 16,707.
Yay, I've caught up a bit! I approve of this.
I'm having a *tad* too much fun on Corellia, and having SUPER awkward conversations without meaning to. Or am I? I don't even know. Even when *I'm* writing Luna's character she turns out obscene.
I'm also having fun reconciling what *I* know about the Corellian Sector with LQ's many misguided problems. Corellia, in all the time periods I know of, is an urban planet, ruled by the Empire and then democracy. I'm reallyyyyy struggling with how they have royal family now. But!!! I've solved the problem, by making this time-period OFFICIALLY centures later than the normal time. Probably Luna's ancestor invaded the planet and set himself up as dictator, and they just never got kicked out. Amazingly...enough. So anyway, based on Luna's description of her palace, I also have to figure out the transition of the architecture. It's all very fascinating and fun, I have to say, making up centuries of history, for little reason besides wordcount. w00t.
And I decided to just NOT talk about how Luna was randomly a Sith for a random time for random reasons. Well, personally, I think she just got tired of Jedi men and wanted to try Sith men, but I am overly biased. We'll let the past die on that one.

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