Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The rest is silence.

Da da da DAAAAAAA!!!!!


Iiiii am not yet caught up. Wah. I'm currently on 4,095 words, I should be at 6,000 at the end of today. So technically I'm only 905 words behind, but that still means I have like 2k for today. Wah. No tiiime!!! zomg no time.

However, I finished the first "big scene" of the book. They've successfully been completely PWNED in the space battle are about to be taken captured. Taken captured? Is that right? No, taken captive. LOL! yeah. I'm an idiot....but we already knew this.

La de other writing news, finished Horatio in time for Restless Hearts last night, and it went off tolerably well.

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