Thursday, February 21, 2008

All your base are belong to us.

Wordcount: 21,580
Words remaining: 8,420
Sanity: *skips through house* *trips* *giggles*
Caffiene consumed: The terrain is a bit unstable.....hey wait, I've used this quote before.
Sugar consumed: See above.
Attitude toward characters: Shiny!
Attitude toward plot: Blarg.
Characters' attitude toward me:
Loreli: "B-O-R-E-D. I thought we had agreed I SUCK at diplomacy???"
Feeso: "Have I mentioned I hate your putrid guts lately?"
Paj: "I enjoy having a brain."
Luna: "So many new males with interesting anatomies!"
Eukrie: *whistling* (I decide to not investigate the cause of the whistling)
Thea and Jaden: "Sooo we're not in the story yet because....?"

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