Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Look at the people you are killing. Don't forget. They won't forget you either."

Wordcount: 3,377
Sanity: Outsane.
Mood: Complacent.
Root beers consumed: 1!!! w00t.

Mmmm still a bit behind but not too worried about it. I got this. It's all under control, lol.

One thing I think WHRN need to work on is their emails. Last year the theme was "love story" and this year is "crime novel." Which renders the emails completely pointless and uninteresting if you're NOT writing that.
Whatever. I don't even like BBC Scotland. ;)

Oh man I'm so excited about torturing someone in this story. "OMG TORTURE YAYZ!" Again, I haven't tortured anyone since Kip (in the Mei Cysyr one, lol!). Unless Ramos counts....he only got the snot beat out of him, though. One time.

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