Sunday, February 17, 2008

They'll catch you and give you a weapon.

Wordcount: 15,254
BLEHHHH I'm super behind. My computer ate some of my words last night, which did not help.
But I figured out more what the POINT of my story is! YAYYY!!! I also went back to the beginning and wrote a brief "What has gone before", story starts in the middle of randomness, and continues throwing in millions of relevant references to LQ as it goes along. :P
I am officially done with "Part I". Now I'm on part II.......I'm just not quite sure what the plot is. It makes me laugh though, because the first part was all action-y, with villains hellbent on revenge, etc, whereas the second part is going to be mostly Jedi intrigue and attempted seductions. w00t!!!

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