Wednesday, February 13, 2008

*tries to sing Japanese lyrics, botches, falls silent*

Wordcount: 12,852
Sanity: "..." *bewildered look*
Root beer consumed: Meh, the uje.

Everyone is still alive, amazingly....enough. I love how once Loreli wakes up, she totally makes up for her absence by stealing everyone else's "screen time" completely. I keep having to literally force myself to go back to Bre, or whoever, that I need to cover.
I'm also angry, because lightsaber duels are HARD to write by myself!!! LOL I'm so spoiled and used to LQ/WotF where you only have to do half the creativity, and the other person takes care of the rest. I just sound redundant making two characters fight each other. Maybe I should recruit Katie or Christina for this. Hey, that is actually a REALLY good idea. I bet Christina could pull out some hawt moves. :P

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