Thursday, February 07, 2008


My story is SOOOO BORINGGGGGGG. I can't figure out WHY! They fight, they lose, they get captured, and it's just like....snoooore. I'm not feeling CONCERNED about them at all!!!!



Maybe I should go back, and make them get all bloody in the losing part....hahahaha yeah don't think that would help anything. Wah. I'm basically not scared of my villains at all, and my "heroes" are just like "Well, it's okay, because...well, you know, death isn't that bad." and then the little girl is just.....ZERO PERSONALITY so who knows how she feels about everything.


I suppose one blessing AND curse is the fact that Loreli has been unconscious for the entire story so far. The blessing is that I can finally solidify Feeso and Eukrie's personalities, and learn a LOT more about them. The curse is that I KNOW Loreli best and so it's hard to NOT write from her POV. Wah. I want her to wake up.

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