Saturday, February 23, 2008

Go meet your public, Poster Man.

Wordcount: 25,025.

w00t. w00t w00t.
Speaking of w00t, I found out recently that it stands for "We Own the Other Team." Random. I just use it as a super-generic YAY!
Right, so writing. Over 25k. Me. Happy. :D
Basically all that needs to happen in the story is Loreli to get traumatized, recover, and then the whole declaration of war thing. "Oh, oh I love declarations of war! Drinks all around!"
Larien is super fun to write. Oh and I introduced Alik! Well technically he was in it earlier, I just didn't say his name cuz Loreli didn't know his name. But wow, I love his character, go Christina. *cough* Yesh.
Feeso is kind of an idiot. I didn't realize how much of an idiot. But he's definitely coming across as a total loser. *sigh* ah well. In my heart I know he's a super l33t snipex0r. So it's okay. I think.

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