Monday, February 11, 2008

Today, salute, mile, serve, deep.

Haha I'm stealing this quote from Jasmine's blog because it's awesome:

Jasmine: "I just shot one of my characters."
Stephanie: "Mine all got mind-raped."
Jasmine: "Oh."

LOL it's like the ultimate case of "I'm meaner to my characters than you are!!!"
Anyways writing is going ishily.
I'm going to steal from Jasmine again and give a brief run down of my characters:

Feeso: is liiiike 34? I think. I forget. He's pretty annoyingly serious and sometimes gets annoyingly noble, too. He has sniper skillz and usually follows orders better than Eukrie, his brother. I luff this guy.
Eukrie: is 31 ish. He's more optimistic and humorous than Feeso and likes bombs, muahaha. He's developing an older brother protectiveness of Bre, which was unexpected but I think it's cute. Wonder what he's gonna do when they get to Corellia....
Loreli: 33, in this story. She's basically in charge. Sometimes she's bossy, but she's kind underneath, and she has uber Force skillz. She is veryyyy protective of Feeso and Eukrie. Which is probably disturbing but I've never thought of it that way.
Bre: Mmm like fourteen years old. She has a disturbing capacity to remain calm in scary situations. She's very sensitive but not very skilled in combat.
Zafara: She's my villainess. She's kinda scary and getting scarier, for sure. OH she's the one that has/had the voice like silk rustling over a corpse, lol. She also has a vendetta against basically the entire crew of Loreli's ship.
Dasser: Name subject to change, he's Zafara's second in command. He's pretty hardcore.
No idea on ages of Zafara and Dasser, but I think Dasser is like in his forties somewhere, and Zafara probably in her thirties. Oh yeah and they're all human except for Feeso and Eukrie, who are Chiss. w00t.

EDIT: this is my sixtieth post in this blog! wow!

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