Monday, February 04, 2008

"Look at the people! The things!" "Those things are also people."

So I am doing "Write Here, Right Now" along with Kendra and Jasminay. I wrestled with my inner writing conscience for a while over whether to work on Tasliri or not, but eventually decided NO i would not. So I'm working on an LQ-related project-o. Tis fun. :D I haven't done sci-fi in quite a long time....liiiiike since Mei Cysyr anddddd her co-pilot....whatever his name was. He was cool. lol yeah. *rambling*

I'm at liiiike 2,126 words or something, so I'm a bit behind, yeah. :P Oh man but it's so much fun to write....I'm already in the middle of a space battle. w00t. Aliens.....lasers.....comatose chicks....mandos......more mandos....haha. Super fun.

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