Sunday, February 17, 2008

Roll credits!!! *Star Wars theme plays*

Lightsaber Quests: Episode CCXII
A Phantom Hope (wahaha see, it's like, The Phantom
Menace, and A New Hope, but mixed!!! *crickets chirp*)

Loreli Scrye, once a powerful Sith Master, has at last switched allegiances with the help (and therapy) of Thea Dorvin and Jaden Karton, themselves experienced Jedi. Loreli decided to stay with the Sith for a time and pass on information to the Grey Jedi faction (of which Jaden is the head) for a time. When the Sith decide to launch an all-out offensive against the Jedi base of Yavin IV, Loreli has to make her final choice.

Loreli passes on the information to Jaden Karton barely before the Sith invade. A short but bloody battle follows, and despite Loreli’s warning, the Jedi are driven from the Jedi Temple, which is then destroyed. The Sith return to Coruscant, while the Jedi prepare to gather again on Corellia, ruled by a Jedi princess, Luna Morisson.

Loreli, wounded in battle with the Sith warrior Desdemona, flees Yavin IV along with the other Jedi. On her ship are also Bre Ryder, a young Jedi student, and Eukrie and Feeso, two Chiss warriors with a life-debt to Loreli.

Meanwhile, old enemies lurk in the vastness of space, ready to take advantage of the situation…

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Snazel said...

A Phantom Hope? I LOVE it.

(now I'm even more curious to read it...)