Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bow-chikka wow-ow!

Wahahahaha so my new favorite thing to do when bored: think up highly creative ways of killing off Adrastus. I still really want to kill the poor guy, I just can't decide how to do it.
He could get killed by the Minotaur-unoriginal, but effective.
He could get killed from Fury-backlash, I'm thinking an illness on the ship on the way home to Athens.
He could get killed by DIONYSUS!!! I don't know how, or WHY! But he could!!!

Haha yes I have problems. BUT I'm all caught up now, thanks to the write-in!!! I love those things and highly recommend them to anyone doing nanowrimo. Do it. Go. :D

I've also figured out a ton more stuff for my MCs to do, should I run out of plot before 50k. :D All in all, it's looking good folks.

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