Monday, November 26, 2007

Come break me down, I dare ya! *music overload*

I'm on FYE-AHHHH!!!!!!
Pretty much my wordcount is....ermmm......over 46k. :D:D Which leaves less than 1000 a day from here on out!!! I'm thinking, maybe, possibly, that I can finish tomorrow, since both of our classes have been canceled. But I dunno. Maybe I should spend the extra time on studying.
But yeah I went to the coffee shop and wrote two 500-word random scenes to stick in, and then thought up another one which I wrote when I got home. :D I'm rocking this thing. And two of those scenes were HILARIOUS and I'm really happy with them. :D The other one was mostly word-padding, but oh well. I haven't even resorted to pirates or ninjas yet!!! O.o I was thinking I would have to today. And of course, there's always Leoj Arbod and Arthur Dent when I REALLY get off my rocker. :D
But yeah, feeling encouraged. I'm thinking it might be possible to finish this thing without resorting to disturbing and shady circumstances. haha.
Playing missmustang videos in the background is very stimulating to my creative processes, as well. You'd be surprised. *shameless plugging* Haha.
Oh man. Dionysus and the cats....priceless.

So yeah. I'm gonna win. Win this. Watch me. :D

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