Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fangirls, Egan M., and Nano-Numbness

I just want to rant! On all my blogs that ever were, are, and shall be!!!
On what topic?
Kuro/Fai fangirls. Seriously....ENOUGH, you debaucherous women!!! I swear, I'm going to explode one day from righteous, righteous, RIGHTEOUS anger. Men can be friends! It's true! I know it's hard to understand, but they can!!! Sacrificing limbs for your friends does not mean you're GHEYYYY!
Holyyyyy cow.
All right I'm done. Sorry, I know this is my writing blog, I feeling emotionally strained in that area. LOL!

Ok so onto writing!!!
Here's something I posted on my personal blog, in response to a request for dirt on my older sister.....I thought it made sense to post it here as well.

The Mostly Fictional Adventures of Egan M.
Episode One

Disclaimer: Scandalous content used for comic purposes only, as well as to drive site traffic through the roof. Any resemblance to any persons, real or fictional, is mostly incidental and in no way my fault.

Egan M. was the very wise sister of a neurotic blogger. She lived in a vast barren desert and worked at a hospital. Living in her apartment with her were a small fuzzy rodent named Frosh and a slightly attractive cactus named Lepidus. Lepidus was not Greek, contrary to popular belief.
But this story is not about Lepidus. This story is about Egan M.
Egan M. also had a boss who communicated solely through fuzzy-quality conference videos with audio that sounded strangely remixed. This anonymity of her employer gave her some unease once in a while, but as Egan M. was in the medical profession in a vast barren desert, she did not feel it was important.
Egan M.'s life consisted mostly of bossing medical students around and being bossed around by senior doctors. She was often ordered to work late nights. Usually when she was working late nights, all alone in the vast (but not barren-there were lots of babies) hospital, her boss would call her and give her orders. One night, during one of these calls, her boss cleared his throat in an important way. "I have something to tell you," he said.

Who is Egan M.'s boss? Is she secretly working for a crime lord? Why the heck is Frosh in this story?
To Be Continued....

Yeah total randomness.
As far as Nanowrimo goes......'s kinda fascinating. Cuz everything was going fine, until I was like, "Dang it, there's no way my plot is going to last for 18k more words." So then I just kinda screeched to a halt. It's like by not writing, it'll stretch out to more words? lol. Sigh. I'm going to work on it though. Get 'er done.
Plus plot-wise I'm in the drug-happy moment before the trauma. :P Once I get into the trauma it'll be more fun.

9 days!! w00t!

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