Sunday, November 25, 2007

The End. And then some.


4k day, baby!!! That's what I'M talking about!!! :D Or even aboot!

Yeah so went to a write-in today. I'm really sad cuz the one at Second Cup near me got cancelled, and they're planning the after party to be in South Keys where I'd have to bus to, soooo I don't know if I'll make it to anything else. Wah. Ah well. Twas fun.
But YEAH!!! I wrote 4000 words! WHEEEE! Which brings me up to 43k, cuz I barely wrote at all yesterday. I officially reached the END of my story, though, which is bad but somehow isn't fazing me at all right now. I decided I'm going to go with the alternate ending deal. The first one will be "Pirates of the Mediterranean" and will feature Theseus and his Greeks. They'll discover their inner pirate and....well I don't know quite what they'll do yet. And then the other alternate ending will be "The Way of the Ninja" featuring Ariadne and Dionysus, cuz, come on, you always knew they were secretly ninjas. Haha.
Since I have about 7k left, I'll just have to write 3500 on each of those random side-stories. I think that's doable.
Oh yeah, to reach 43k I also went back and added in a couple scenes that I had considered doing before but didn't happen. Yays. I'm impressed my story lasted to 43k: I was expecting it to barely reach 35k. :P And hopefully when I go back and edit, there'll be lots of other scenes that I can add to. We'll see.
And having finished it, I feel like I've got a pretty decent story-arc, even if a lot of segments are rather crappily written. A lot of things will need to be added in, like I need scenes establishing the other Greek's personalities, cuz I really had no clue who they were when I started, and then at the end they suddenly all had lives. Haha.

But yeah, overall I'm SUPAH HAPPEH! :D

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