Sunday, November 11, 2007

"It fills my heart with sarcastic joy."

Wordcount: 18,334.

I had another unexpected character pop onto my screen today. His name is Proteus. I hate him.
I'm just feeling a bloodthirsty need to kill off someone. It needs to happen. The problem is, all of my characters are NOT expendable. Usually I have an armyful or a schoolful of nice fresh expendables. Not so in Greece! :P The only people I can even possibly kill are Makidon and Gregorios, who are evil so they're not even fun. Proteus, I could kill, but he's just a random kid at the palace, so that wouldn't be even be fun.
I'll be honest. I really want to kill Adrastus. Dang it. I liked him a lot when he first appeared, but we're really just not working out. Rofl right now he's screaming like a woman at Theseus to kill the Minotaur. Idiotic. And the more I try to keep from being an idiot, the more of an idiot he is!!
Ok. I'm good. I'm really jealous of Amy and Christina's novels, actually. They're doing fun ones.
Now that I've complained and said absolutely nothing interesting, I'm leaving.

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