Saturday, November 03, 2007

Swing a little more on the devil's dancefloor

Wordcount: 5,657
Deaths: none yet
Unexpected characters: 3, Adrastus, Elpidios, Gregorios, and Mikadon. Adrastus is my fave. :D I think I'm unconsciously drawing a lot of inspiration from Matsuda from DN for Adrastus. He's really earnest, likeable, naive, and cowardly so far but I think he's going to get braver. That's why I chose his name, which means "courageous." Gregorios and Mikadon are going to be in the "Deaths" category eventually, mwahahaha. Dionysus is going to have to deal with them, the baddies.
Caffiene consumed: Not much, I think two Barqs since I've begun?
Sanity: Surprisingly healthy.

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