Friday, November 16, 2007

Who knew ancient Greeks were also skilled barristos?

Whew so as I said in my earlier ecstatic post, I am halfway through my novel. I'm still deciding whether I'm halfway through with my story. I *really* want to finish it in 50,000 words without resorting to one line per scene. This is just really important to my happiness, and this is the first time I haven't been able to tell where it's going to end. The Tasliri one very likely won't be finished under 80,000, I'm thinking closer to 100,000. Absence is about 50,000. This one I really just can't tell if I'm going to run out of plot at 40k, or not be done at 50k.
Sooo yeah we'll see. I'm going to try my darndest, though.
Current locations of my main characters:
Ariadne: in prison (dang it, you're my only female lead, whatcha DOIN?)
Theseus and Adrastus: sneaking into the palace to rescue Ariadne (despite not knowing WHERE she is or if she's even arrested....all very contrived and confusing me a LOT!)
Dionysus: in Athens??? Whatcha DOIN, man??? Eating dinner with the king and TALKING and yelling at Celia when you're bored?? Lamesauce, man, lamesauce.

They just all have problems. They either have too much conflict going on or absolutely none. That's okay. We'll be okay.

In other news, I decided (as a creative exercise) to go through and name ALL fourteen of the luckless Athenian teenagers. Up to now I'd named like, three of them, all of those male. So I've got names for all now, and descriptions for about half of them. When I edit I'll have to add in some bits so that they're at least not a faceless nameless mass of Greekness.

OH yeah so last night Rosie and I went to Second Cup, and I took my notebook cuz I wanted to work through a scene in longhand for once. When we were there there were five employees behind the counter, three of them blond chicks and two of them VERY Greek-looking guys. So again, for entertainment, I decided one of them was Elpidios and the other one was Adrastus. Good times. And then I wrote down what they looked like, and made some further deductions on Adrastus and Elpidios' personalities based on those guys. Very educational. And they really DID look like how A and E looked in my head. Kinda creepy. Like Adrastus is the smaller, "pretty" one, and Elpidios is all big and ponderous. Fascinating. I wanted to use the chicks working, too, but none of them looked Greek at ALL. Hmph.

Note: I actually personalized this blog today! So you'll see a bunch of new stuff on the right, including a list of my projects, helpful writing books I use, links, etc. I'll add more stuff as I think of them. :D

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